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So grateful to Kingston upon Thames Landscape Designing for all their amazing gardening work they did in my elderly parents' garden. I live too far away to help them with it myself and was so pleased when I came to visit and saw what they had done for my parents. I will be eternally grateful.

  • Kevin D'Ambra

These gardeners do such a great job. You can tell how dedicated they are. GardenersKingstonuponThames is my go-to for everything lawn care.

  • Marissa H.

Highly recommend Gardeners Kingston upon Thames if you need gardening design help, they are great at it.

  • Blair J.

They were a great bunch of gardeners who worked incredibly hard even when the weather took a turn for the worse. Kingston upon Thames Landscape Designing showed great commitment and ended up providing an amazing service.

  • Scott R.

My previous lawn mowing service really butchered my lawn. I think they kept the blade too low and, not only would the grass brown from being so short, they seemed to chop bald spots into my lawn. I tried Garden Maintenance Kingston upon Thames with hopes that they could make my lawn look presentable again. Within a month, I had a new garden! Amazing results!

  • B. Kennedy

The landscape gardeners implemented the plans we'd put in place perfectly. Gardeners Kingston upon Thames surpassed my expectations. I can't say enough good things about this company.

  • L. Johnston

I had help with planting my garden and I have been very impressed. Gardeners Kingston upon Thames were my first choice after reading such good things about them online and they definitely lived up to my expectations. After a few sessions my garden is fully in bloom, and it's such a wonderful outdoor space to relax in. I wouldn't hesitate to use their services again!

  • Michaela

We have a commercial property that has some grounds and Gardening Services Kingston upon Thames help us with the lawn mowing. It's really important that the area looks tidy at all times and they help us to achieve this, clearing the garden waste as they go along. They even come out same-day if I feel things need doing before they're booked in. Highly recommend for commercial jobs.

  • Mr Banks

The lawn care service I hired from GardenersKingstonuponThames didn't cost me much at all, and when considering the quality of the service, was definitely worth it as it did wonders for my garden. I really couldn't have asked for anything better and would like to extend my gratitude to everyone involved with this company.

  • Sonia B.

Garden Maintenance Kingston upon Thames's planting service is great! I love it! Last week I hired them for the first time because I really wanted more plants in my garden. What's the point in having a garden if you're not going to fill it with beautiful plants? So I booked, not knowing what to expect and to my delight, they were fantastic. My garden is now brimming with beautiful plants and some are in the process of growing. I can't wait to see them when they are fully grown. Overall, an excellent and affordable service.

  • Melissa Woods

Gardening Services Kingston upon Thames are the best people to call if you need garden waste removed. They will send a few experts to take it all away for you. They will collect the waste swiftly and ensure that none is left behind. I have used their service several times and have never been disappointed.

  • Anthony

I moved into my property about a year ago and it was only then that I noticed how bad my garden was. My garden soil suffers from a specific problem that means that weeds tend to grow through the turf far more easily in comparison with other gardens. I hired Kingston upon Thames Landscape Designing to come and help me with my weed control issues and they now come on a regular basis! I could not be happier with this company and their cheap and reliable services!

  • Leticia Wells

I used professional gardeners to deal with some old and very large trees at the bottom of my garden. Kingston upon Thames Landscape Designing had all of the correct tools and straps to secure the trees and cut them back. The gardeners did a safe and competent job and at an affordable rate. I can't praise their efforts enough, they were simply brilliant. The branches and mess was also taken away in with the price. If anyone needs help with tree cutting this company is the one to call.

  • Susan Parker

Kingston upon Thames Landscape Designing have provided me with an expert turfing service. I was impressed with their work and the results look amazing. The worked fast and got the job done thoroughly. If I'm in need of some turfing work again, I'll be sure to give them a call.

  • Floyd Lemon

We recently moved to our new residence and were delighted to have a huge front garden. But on taking a closer look we realized that the garden needed a complete makeover. The flower plants had dried up and weeds had grown. With the house warming service due the next week, we were quite worried. To our relief, Gardening Services Kingston upon Thames agreed to get the work done in time. I would like to thank the entire team for the prompt service and for livening up the garden with such beautiful flowers.

  • Mrs. Allan

My wife and I are very pleased with the work that was carried out by Gardening Services Kingston upon Thames and especially the gardeners that worked on our garden. We needed a lot doing; we needed paving and stones removed, needed to refill certain areas with soil and needed to remove and replant some our hedges. They sorted everything out easily and without any problems. Their attention to detail was fantastic and in the end, everything was completed to a very high standard, just as we had hoped for and agreed.

  • James D.

I only wanted my hedge tidied up and doubted I would be able to get a professional gardener to do it for me as it's such a small job. Garden Maintenance Kingston upon Thames told me they had no minimum order and so I was able to book them at a great price. I always use them now.

  • Tammy

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